Links for Fun Easter Crafts

I’m new at this mom thing.
I’m good with kids, but not so good at coming up with fun new crafts and activities. It is something I’m working on. It’s something I’m sure you will hear more about as I experiment with new things and find new ways to keep the kid busy, learning, and having fun with mom all at the same time.

But in the meantime, I must resort to looking up *simple* activities on the internet. Martha Stewart I am not (which is probably a good thing), so while I begin to explore the craftier side of myself, and build up my more domesticated skills, I will start with more simple activities.

Here is a list of a few links that I stumbled upon that look easy enough that even I can do!  They also do not require a lot of supplies, and most of these supplies will already be in your home. And for those of you who have better skills than I, they also look easy to expand upon and make into something cool all your own!

I would LOVE to hear how some of these turned out, so if you try any of these with your kids, please be sure to come back and comment on this post and let us know how it went. Did you come across any modifications that make these activities better? Did your kids like it? Did it end up being too much work for you?  We want to hear it all!

Happy Easter Crafting! 🙂

Easter Crafts

For the Younger Kids….

This craft is super simple with not a ton of adult work required. However, this can easily be altered to use cutouts other than egg shapes.  And/or instead of just using dots, have your child color the eggs, use glitter, or stickers for a fun variation!
Easter Egg Napkin Rings

This can be a great one to help kindergartners or young elementary school kids practice their cutting skills. If doing this with a younger child, you may want to cut out the patterns first and then have the kids decorate. If you are lucky enough to have that artsy gene, you can also use this idea, but draw your own patterns for the kids to have fun with.  This is also one that’s easy to do with a large group of kids if you’re using this in a classroom or party setting.
Easter Wreath

This one is a super fun one that will keep the kids entertained long after Easter (and can also easily be modified for other non-Easter related creations)!
Easter Finger Puppets

Again, this is another one that you can easily modify for other shapes if you have a little bit of drawing ability to create something different! Also another great “multi-use” craft that comes in very handy after it’s done!
Easter Magnets

This is a fun idea that can keep the younger kids entertained, however, it does require a little extra adult work.  If an older child has an interest in sewing, then they can do a lot more of the project. But just be prepared if doing this with the younger crew!
Easter Bunny Sock Puppets

For the Older Child…

This is one that the older kids will like. Or, you can make this and then have a younger child decorate with crayons or stickers for a little added “pizzaz”.
Easter Bunny Basket

Similar to the finger puppets above, this one is more of a longer lasting decoration.
Bead Easter Bunnies


Photo Credit: Wendy Piersall via photopin cc


The Reminder of the Holidays

It’s amazing how the holidays can add to your own personal emotional roller coaster.  On one hand, it is a great way to forget about some of the stress of planning for a family. There are a lot of other things that you are forced to concentrate on – getting the right gifts, decorations, parties, planning, travel, dealing with family, heartwarming movies and stories, the magic of the season.

On the other hand, the holidays are a time for children. They’re the ones that get to believe in Santa Claus.  They’re the ones that we help create the magic for. If you’re Christian, we celebrate the holiday in honor of the birth of the infant Jesus Christ. The baby who would change the world. When you’re at those holiday parties, often, everyone else’s children are there too. The discussion focuses on what they’re doing for their kids for the holiday.  The kids are talking about what’s on their lists. “Watch it, Santa’s watching,” is a term heard everywhere. When it comes to gift time, the kids open first. The kids have the huge stack of gifts.

If you have to travel, you realize that everything revolves around the family members who have kids. The timing of events, the days of travel, who’s house you go to, even the rooms where everyone sleeps are based around those with kids.

Frustrating when it’s never you, isn’t it?

New Year’s comes around and everyone else can’t wait to get rid of their kids for a night so they can go out and party the adult way. When that ball drops and the two of you kiss, the only thought on your minds are, “God, I hope this year is it.  This is the year it’s going to happen for us. What I wouldn’t give to have my baby with me right now.”

It seems like no one understands. And how can they really, unless they’ve been in the same situation as you?

I know I felt it more than usual this year.  Other years, I still had a lot of hope. The holidays weren’t a really big deal.  This year, it hurt more than usual. I guess because we’ve been trying for so long now.

I’m not saying that I don’t still have a lot of hope.  Because I do.  In fact, maybe even more. But I’m also more frustrated, and maybe that was part of it. The holidays have always been a magical time for me, even in recent years. So I know that despite what seems like kids being thrown in my face, I still have to hold on to that magic. I still have to enjoy that New Year’s kiss, and I still have to wish on the sparkly ball, or that sparkly star in the sky that this year IS going to be the year. This is going to be the year that changes everything!

Here’s to a hopeful New Year for all of us! (I’m tipping my pretend glass of champagne to you)

Happy New Year!