The IF Factor

The IF Factor. What is it?
Often “IF” is used as an abbreviation in the world of infertility. But for those that are caught in the infertility game, “if” is a word that comes up in all forms. “What if I am never going to have a child?” “If we do this, will it work this time?” “This can be the nursery if we get pregnant.” “I’m going to have to take my HcG shot tomorrow if it’s really the right time.” “If I have too much alcohol, will it hurt our chances?” “What if the stress of this gets to be too much?” 


It’s a word that comes up often in infertility. But I would even go so far as to say that it’s not just a word, “IF” is also a state of mind. It’s that feeling of always being in limbo, so to speak. Everything you do hinges on something else. You may not even feel like yourself, your body, or your world is yours anymore.

The IF Factor

It is the elephant in the middle of the room.
It is the state of being.
It is the world of the couple dealing with infertility issues.

The IF Factor


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